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Criminal Defence IbizaCriminal Defence Mallorca

Our law practice provides representation to individuals suspected or charged with any criminal offence or regulatory matter from serious fraud, drugs and tax conspiracies, terrorism, homicide and international crime to general crime. Led by Roger Sahota, one of London’s leading crminal lawyers, we specialise in taking on demanding and challenging cases and select carefully the clients we choose to represent.

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Many of our clients decide to instuct us because they value the reassurance of having a recognised, senior and respected figure in charge of their defence.

With an an uncompromising commitment to providing the higest quality of service, every case, from road traffic prosecutions to serious fraud or homicide, is treated with the same degree of care and attention to detail.

Understanding how stressful and distressing a criminal enquiry can be our lawyers will ensure that you are given sympathetic yet pragmatic advice in plain, jargon-free everyday language.

With a background in dealing with many public figures we can also assist and advise you on how best to deal with any damage to your reputation that may follow an investigation and refer you to the right external advisers where necessary.

Usual Crimes in Ibiza & Mallorca

Drug crimes – Drug charges, including sales and distribution, conspiracy and acting in concert – Drug manufacturing and trafficking – Damages – Murder – Injuries – Assault – Burglary – Coercion – Criminal threats – Domestic violence – Drunk driving and traffic offenses – Extradition proceedings – Fake driver’s license and IDs – Fake passports – False statements – Forgery – Fraud – Genetic engineering related crimes – Harassment – Hate crimes – Homicide – Identity theft – Illegal detention – Illegal possession of a firearm – Juvenile crimes – Kidnapping – Larceny – Manslaughter – Obstruction of Justice – Perjury – Racketeering – Resisting arrest – Robbery – Sex crimes – Sexual assault – Shoplifting – Smuggling – Speeding or reckless driving – Stalking – Tax crimes – Theft – Torture – Vandalism – White collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement, enterprise corruption and money laundering

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